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(n) 1. Imposter.
2. Fake.
3. Homer Simpson.
Homer: What if people think a guy's a hero, but he was really just lucky?
Magic Johnson: Don't worry. Sooner or later, people like that are exposed as the frauds they are.
by Mr. Roboto December 27, 2004
Something that is "fraud" is deceitful but it also means messed up, lame, stupid, ridiculous, or something that just plain sucks.
Tina: Member when Dante said that he gon beat Jeremy's ass on Friday. Please ... he just runnin his mouth.

Jay: HA yeah. He's just a fraud bitch.
by Jeri})¡({ June 21, 2006
A clever and cunning act to circumvent rules that only apply to less clever people who cannot get around them
"His fraud just made him solvent once again while others suffer in insolvency"
by anywho the third December 02, 2008
to be a fake person/ friend or jus fake ingeneral
by ######M3!!!! January 09, 2012
When someone owes you money plus interest but refuse to pay up
If you don't give me my $2 + 5$ interest for a total of $7 dollars, that's fraud
by metrama August 30, 2010
Any athlete or sports team that does not live up to the hype that is bestowed upon them.
The Duke Men's Basketball team are such frauds for the performance they put up in their Sweet 16 game after being given a 2 seed in the tournament.
by ekt8750 March 27, 2009
intentional misrepresentation of identity or intent.
"Hey, Alec, didn't someone create a definition on Urban Dictionary for an offensive word and then commit fraud by claiming they were you when they posted it?"

"Yeah! Now when you search for my name on Google, "dirty lincoln" is the third result you get back! Boy, I hope a potential employer doesn't google me and find THAT."

"Yeah, that'd be pretty bad. Hey! I know! You should get a hold of Urban Dictionary and ask them to take it down!"

"Oh, I've tried three or four times. Through a couple different methods! Maybe if I post a NEW definition, they'll proofread it on its way through, read this, and remove my name from the fraudulent definition, like I've asked them to!"
"Maybe, I hope the get the gosh darn hint, friend"
by Alec Denson September 11, 2007

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