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Name for an iPod that has illegal or illicit copywrited songs on it. (I fraud the music industry)
I bought a Crapple iFraud at The Circuit Shitty
by Mistahtom August 27, 2005
When you have your headphones on, but aren't really listening to music.
This is usually done so people don't talk to you.

No one talked to Amy on the bus because they thought she was busy listening to music. Little did they know, she was iFraud-ing.
by Annabel. January 27, 2009
Someone who claims to have an iPod, and always uses convinient excuses not to show it (example: I lost the charger, forgot it, its dead, it doesn't work, a fat person ate it, etc.)
Oh man, that Fred is an iFraud, he never has his "iPod"
by someone who has an iPod March 20, 2009
When an individual tries to pull off a cheap knock off for an I-Pod.
Mauran: Damn son, check out the brand new I-Pod I got from Deeps the other night.
Manny: I hope Deeps gave you a recepit, cuz that's an I-Fraud sucka!
by Manny F. January 23, 2009
A personal MP3 player not from Apple.

Johnny couldn't afford the Nano so instead he settled for the no name iFraud.
by Howmanynamesaretaken August 14, 2006
A name for people who use Ipod earbuds with crappy mp3 players to make it looks as though they are using an ipod.
Me: Hey look, theres an iFraud over there! What a loser.
Some other guy: Wow, those iPod earbuds are probably worth more than that mp3 player.
by Peter Schoelch November 01, 2007
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