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to fix something cheaply, and temporarily using minimal materials at no cost, either recycled or (most likely) stolen.
"yo yo, I's needs me a new rim. It be broke"

"on fear not, negro, you can always not risk prison stealing a new rim, and fix yours. It's free, just nigger rig it"
by MikeyVanMichealson May 31, 2006
When a woman choses to wear an outfit without the use of a support brassiere. Going without her bra, bare boobed if you will.
"going out braless tonight"
by MikeyVanMichealson May 31, 2006
breasts of a woman, the part of a woman that produces milk for her baby, the part of a woman that should not be contained in a bra, but sadly often is.
"nice tits" or "hey baby can i hold your tits"
by MikeyVanMichealson May 31, 2006
Works as well as Viagra for men. Men pay $5000 for these to be inserted into the breasts of the woman he is having sex with. Increases his attraction to her ten fold. Women who get divorced inevidably purchase these, as a way to attract men and regain their self esteem which was crushed when her husband dropped her for his secretary who's 20 years younger than she. MEn also buy these for women in the hopes that they stop wearing bras.
"great tits, look at those implants"
by MikeyVanMichealson May 31, 2006
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