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When you Google something and it comes out with an answer. Due to the awesome power of Google, what it says is 99.99% right.
Google says Berlin is the capital of Germany.
by Mb500 March 31, 2009
The action of clicking the "Like" button on someone's status on Facebook in return for them pressing the "Like" button on your status.
Me: Damn it why did John have to like my status? Now I have to like his about him finding out he has herpes because of like etiquette.
by Mb500 March 28, 2009
When using Wikipedia, you accidently click on a link to another article that provides you with a piece of information that is extremely useful to your current situation. This accident is very useful when doing research on an assignment, where that information helps you to earn another few marks.
That wiki stumble led me to find out about EU emission trading scheme. Top marks here I come.
by Mb500 February 28, 2009
The most sophisticated way of expressing a mind fuck on instant messaging. Expressed after viewing something that just makes you go "heiucrwy89lq39rlqtvy8huidhjszfaiuehwu9lhjktvu4 hq3atw8bhvj,2qioy78" or similar. Mostly expressed after viewing such things as 2girls1cup or goatse.
keyboard mash: heiucrwy89lq39rlqtvy8huidhjszfaiuehwu9lhjktvu4 hq3atw8bhvj,2qioy78
by mb500 December 17, 2009
Unplug the earphones is an activity commenced when you are home alone. You sit down in front of your computer, turn on the porn and instead of using your earphones to listen as you normally would, you unplug them and crank the sound right up.
Me: So Adam, since your brother is going overseas, are you waiting for the day your parents are out and you're home alone so you can unplug the earphones?
by Mb500 July 29, 2009
Having one or two or three or too many shots of the German drink J├Ągermeister. Generally you do silly things, sometimes including dancing or simply falling over.
To dance with the deer is fun.
Dancing with the deer is fun that night till you get awoken by the deer's hoof in your head the next day.
I danced with the deer last night.
by Mb500 March 02, 2009
When Windows Vista is removed from a computer that is being crippled by its presence, for replacement for the stable and "much lighter" Windows XP.
My netbook is working so much faster since I de-vista-ed it and put XP on it.
by Mb500 March 02, 2009

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