so fucking true
Jason: that shit was so messed up, i almost puked.

Tim: SFT!
by manchesterfan1000 June 27, 2011
Stop Fucking Trying
Used when people are proven wrong (usually multiple times) and refuse to give up, or stop trying to prove their point, usually followed by GTFO.
n00b:dialup is t3h t0t4lly better den br0adb4nd.
user n00b has been banned
by SilentSilhouette August 23, 2006
Acronym for "Salmoned for Truth." Used in a similar manner as QFT, with the twist that the quoted text has been turned salmon color.
"War Games is the best movie ever about video games set during the Cold War."


(note: the text in quotes is salmon pink.)
by YuliaFoC July 18, 2006
Sick Fuckin' Tits. An expression of excitement and wonder.
John: "Hey dude, I just passed the bar exam!"
Dave:"SFT, bro!"
by The Ezery June 27, 2012
Single For Tonight
Since my boyfriends what to act like a bitch I'm "SFT"
by juviehoe February 28, 2012
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