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When you have a Facebook Wall-to-Wall with someone and due to Facebook's new complicated homepage layout, you write your wall comment in the "What's on your mind?" box, exposing everyone to the conversation.
Oh damn. I walled in my status again. Ugh. How lame.

I wish I hadn't walled in the status. Now it's public knowledge that I had anal with Ja'mie.
by Mb500 March 26, 2009
When a person getting angry at another person for interrupting their Facebook time.
Matt: "Hey Mike, wanna go out?"
Mike: "FUCK OFF MAN. I'm on Facebook."
Matt: "You should get off Facebook soon Mike. You're getting bad Facebook rage."
by Mb500 October 17, 2008
Sympathy Fuck Trophy.

The award given to the worst person on the team to make them feel better.
Coach: We'll give the award to Timmy. He tries so hard to get better but I'm still giving him the SFT.
by Mb500 March 26, 2009
The orgasmic feeling you get from the first chord of a song.
That first song by the choir in the cathedral gave me a chordgasm.
by Mb500 March 23, 2009
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