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a scale that measures how kickass someone or something is. Normally used when an already cool person does something awesome, normally followed by applause.

Our new "gym teacher in training" was previously a soldier in Iraq. He has a biker beard (a moustache that only goes around the mouth) and just stands there, arms crossed, looking incredibly badass. He is just concentrated awesomeness.
Me- dude look at the gym teacher.
Damian- which one?
Me- I don't know his name, the soldier guy.
Bryan- he's just standing there looking cool.
Me- I know right! He's fucking awesome!
James- he radiates awesomeness.
Me- yeah, if someone stood next to him, they would be twice as awesome the next day!
All- Yeah!
*whole room gets noisy*
Gym teachers- guys! Guys!
*REALLY loud whistle(the finger one)*
*everyone stares at guy and begins to applaud*
Me- that guy just jumped a notch on the kickass-o-meter.
by MaximumOverdrive November 10, 2008
The ability to play guitar while lying on the floor. As in actually performing or playing guitar hero(or rockband). Can be laying on the flat on the floor or propping your head up with a pillow. Someone who does this is a slackitarist.
Slackitar isn't an easy instrument to master.
by MaximumOverdrive November 06, 2008
The definition for the word would go here
An example for the word would go here
by MaximumOverdrive October 20, 2008
Teenage heartthrob, who will get washed up in a few years and will be a hobo. Some girl will recognize him and marry him because "he is like so hot!" he will continue to mooch off of her for years. clearly gay, because no straight man would wear that much makeup or star in such overly feminine movies. In HSM2 he got a REALLY gay haircut that was incredibly similar to the openly gay kid in my schools hair. I mean this in the straightest way possible, his hair was much cooler in the first one. Supposedly dating some Disney pop princess but it's probably a cover story.
*World history class starts*
Me- yo matt, ever see highschool musical?
Matt- yeah.
Me- yknow zac efron?
Matt- yeah.
Me- he's so gay
Matt- I know he wears so much makeup
Tina- he's not gay.
Me+matt- yeah he is
Tina- no he isn't. He's got a girlfriend.
Me- and? Marcus had a girlfriend and everyone knew he was gay years before he came out(or found out, for that matter)
by MaximumOverdrive October 18, 2008
An awesome sounding hacker tag.
liek ohemjay d00d u just got h4><0r3d bai teh Window Pains
by MaximumOverdrive October 20, 2008
When you use a move in SSBB and it kills all three opponents. Maybe a strong move or not so strong. Can only be one move and used only once, and must kill all three at the same time. They cannot touch the stage again before they die or it doesn't count. Certain items can be used to kill all three while not considered a PC. A smash ball does not count, but a Home-Run Bat does. This is because it is somewhat difficult to actually hit someone with a bat, let alone all three.
Guy1- dude you just killed all three of the guys!!
Guy2- I know!! Publisher's Clearinghouse!
by MaximumOverdrive October 09, 2008

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