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A round jiggly part of a woman's body. Usually her ass or tits.
From Eve's song "Tambourine"
"Shake your tambourine go and get yourself a whistle and..."

"Get your tits on the dancefloor"
by Smarthotguy12345 August 11, 2007
A cirular instrument with little jinglers on the outside. It goes Shiackachickachicksachicak when shaken.
Is that a tambourine in your pants or is your pocket just making jingling shickashisaihsia noises again?
by Paul C. March 12, 2006
A kinky sexual act; when a female clothespins small bells onto a man's scrotum, and then hits the scrotum repeatedly, evoking a wild pleasure in the man

how your father met your mother
Honey, I'm feeling up to some kinky things tonight. Tambourine me?
by thejokersmokertoker August 30, 2010
A musical instrument commonly used as a distraction during a catastrophic, horrific, or otherwise epic event.
Guy 1: A man wielding a tambourine in Longview totally went ape-shit today holding a busful of children hostage and cursing profanities at an elderly lady trying to give the children candy.

Guy 2: what...the...fuck......!!!WHY DID HE HAVE A TAMBOURINE!!!
by Nacho-Cheez August 24, 2009