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To screw someone over in a beer trade, I.e. to promise to send whalez & not send anything after you've received beer from them
I sent Jason a box of whalez, and he sent me nothing. I got Goulet'd!!
by South Central PA Beer Lover March 29, 2015
not a word, but more of a state of being. commonly used to express contentment and accomplishment.
As a group of hot women walk down the street, one guy turns to his friend and remarks "goulet"
by John Ford April 23, 2005
Derived from the popular Canadian actor Robert Goulet, meaning in complete agreement with another.
"Dude, do you think my mangina's dope?" "GOULET!!!"
by dirty dingledorf July 07, 2006
Goulet is a magical state of being. Its is the only word in the world that is a: Verb, Adjective, Noun, Onomatopoeia, Adverb, and Past, and Present Participle. It is a magical word, that top nuero-physicists are still working on today. Goulet is typically followed by: "Doo bee doo da dee da do doo.". Side affects of "Goulet" are massive erections, and the sudden urge to blow choad out of your butt hole.
you: "Pass the Arnold Palmer"
me: "i love you, WHAT?"
you: "GOULET!"
me: "GOULET!"
together: "doo da dee da doo doo daa"
by Arnold Palmer.. GOULET February 02, 2011
anything said in exclamation to show everyone how awesome you really are.
"hey honey i got that big promotion at work today.. Goulet!"
by Collin Lewis April 02, 2005
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