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normally screamed when you want something. Used by stephen colbert.
'Sweet Jesus on a Waffle Cone, please tell me!!!!!'
by MaximumOverdrive October 09, 2008
A laptop that you can drop in a pool of acid and it will come out without a scratch.
The toughbook is the Chuck Norris of laptops.
by MaximumOverdrive October 18, 2008
They come out at night.
The freaks come come out at night!- black guy from the 80's
by MaximumOverdrive November 13, 2008
The perfect thing to give out on Halloween.
I got a candy bar!
I got some gum!
I got a rock...

Rocks- give em to all the little kids!
by MaximumOverdrive November 02, 2008
Somewhat along the lines of a hand gun, it is an invisible sniper that you take out of it's invisible case. You assemble it and pretend to shoot someone. Afterwards, you dissaseble it and put it back in it's case. Invented by Jon Lancaster.
Me- where's your imaginary sniper?
Jon- opens invisible case and makes increasingly weird hand gestures and shoots me
by MaximumOverdrive October 10, 2008
Possibly the most useful item in the Super Smash Bros. series. It can send an opponent flying off the stage, yet only do 25%. If an opponent has over 20-30% damage, the bat will kill them. Can also be thrown and do quite a bit of damage. Mostly used in Home-Run contest but is also used in multiplayer.
1- shit that home-run bat killed all three opponents!
2- ima home-run bat yo ass.
by MaximumOverdrive October 09, 2008
a scale that measures how kickass someone or something is. Normally used when an already cool person does something awesome, normally followed by applause.

Our new "gym teacher in training" was previously a soldier in Iraq. He has a biker beard (a moustache that only goes around the mouth) and just stands there, arms crossed, looking incredibly badass. He is just concentrated awesomeness.
Me- dude look at the gym teacher.
Damian- which one?
Me- I don't know his name, the soldier guy.
Bryan- he's just standing there looking cool.
Me- I know right! He's fucking awesome!
James- he radiates awesomeness.
Me- yeah, if someone stood next to him, they would be twice as awesome the next day!
All- Yeah!
*whole room gets noisy*
Gym teachers- guys! Guys!
*REALLY loud whistle(the finger one)*
*everyone stares at guy and begins to applaud*
Me- that guy just jumped a notch on the kickass-o-meter.
by MaximumOverdrive November 10, 2008

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