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An acronym for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, an online fighting game for the Nintendo Wii console.

"I can beat Ooga at SSBB any day"
by Spanxter November 24, 2006
for nintendo wii
fighting game, sequel to super smash bros. melee for gamecube,
wi-fi support
"Ima crush u in SSBB"
super smash brothers brawl made by nintendo for the wii
an excellent game
person 1: SSBB later
person 2: ayyyy you better believe it
by J-Dizzle_7 July 10, 2008
Abreviation for ''severe several bang-banged''

Name for a girl who's vagina is hanging due to critical and severe sex over the years
Man this girl's pussy is tangling like bacon , she's an S.S.B.B
by jiikao June 01, 2009
S.S.B.B.(shitty shaggy bug basty)means any kind of insect of wich repeated copulation an procreation creates a problem to a specific person.
on wich case the affected person will say: fuck this shitty shaggy bug basty!(S.S.B.B.), normally saying this at a lowd voice making the neighbours pop their ugly faces around the fence for a dick shake.(note:the neighbours usualy are carrying a git bag-o-shit with them)
by rodri May 26, 2007
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