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264 definitions by Max

Someone who likes to have anal sex
Man you're so gay, you're such a rectum raider
by Max June 06, 2003
68 12
what's the difference between judge Judy and a trampeline?

You take off your shoes when you jump on a trampeline.
The apacolypse
by Max November 10, 2003
126 72
The most amazing, beautiful, and incredible girl in the world. No one can compare, but she's taken! (see max)
Ely is a unique and beautiful snowflake.
by Max September 23, 2004
156 103
Affectionate yet somewhat insulting nickname for William Shatner, star of anything he gets paid for.
Hey man, did you hear? The Shat just released a new album. He makes fun of himself and still gets rave reviews!
by max July 10, 2005
76 24
Japanese for nigger. A really rude word.
all the kurombos are eating fried chicken
by max December 20, 2004
64 13
One of a kind
She creates OOAK fantasy and sci-fi dolls.
by Max November 19, 2003
63 13
A P2P file sharing program, less widespread than kazaa. You can find a lot of good shit on it.
If it's not on Kazaa, you can get it on soulseek.
by Max August 04, 2003
48 8