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264 definitions by Max

The art of harnessing the power of explosive diarrhea as a self defense weapon. - Projectile poo.

When combined with some kicks punches chops and other karati techniques, a burning hot diarrhea blast the the face of one's opponent can mean the difference between life and death.

First there was karati - martial arts.
Then... Literati - people who could meantally pulverize you with their vocabulary.
Then... Digirati - hackers so sophistocated and intelligent, they could steal your identity, become you and commit some haness crime that you will eventually be blamed for.
Finally Diarrati - People who have mastered the art of projecting multiple streams of diarrhea with shocking accuracy.
Oh man, it's a good thing you knew diarrati or we would have been ass-imilated by those queers over there by that gay bar.

Dont mess with me! I know diarrati!

My eyes are still burning cauz someone pulled a gave me a double-punch-mid-air-roundhouse with a spinning-diarrati-roundass to finish it off.

You should practice your diarrata's daily. (diarrhea katta's)
- Preferably in the diarrojo. (diarrhea dojo)
by Max December 30, 2004
An awesoem Russian sniper from the Urals, made more famous by 'Enemy at the Gates'. Promised to kill 150 germans in Stalingrad, but came one shy. Killed 40 within a 10 day period, and 400 in total.
Watch enemy at the gates, not an example, a demand
by max May 10, 2005
a feeling of an evil to come;
an early warning about a future event;
she had a presentiment that she would be raped by her lawyer!
by max September 17, 2004
lesbian,woman who likes other women
Dude, that chick only goes for other chicks. She's a bush pilot.
by Max July 19, 2004
1. Defined as extremely good looking, or "hot"
That girl right there is so vute, she might be a goddess
by Max March 04, 2003
Jewish nose, similar to a hook.
Brian (Greham Chapman):
I'm not a Roman, Mum!
And I never will be!
I'm a kike, a Yid, a hebe, a hooknose!
by max August 09, 2004
the suburbs and peripheral regions of france, most being composed of rows of shitty housing projects (as opposed to the big, rich mansions usually found in suburban america). population mostly made of immigrants from africa (arab and black), and some (the "banleieues" of Paris, Lyons, and Marseille, especially) are considered as dangerous as some of the united states' worst ghettos. it's inhabitants tend to think that the state of France is racist (and most are right), and that put them in these harsh living conditions away from the cities, to keep them well away from the white "pure" population; the result is a younger generation driven by hatred to destroy France, to piss off its inhabitants, but it snowballed and now they're killing each other as well as the French. it has, however, given us french rap, which has to be the sweetest thing ever (see: Sinik, Sniper, ATK, NTM, Booba, Rim-K, 113, Mafia K1fry)
The banlieues of france are fucking ghetto...
by Max April 15, 2005