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A member of the opposite sex that is so hot, sexy, stunning or attractive that you react so fast and cannot contain your excitement that "So hot" becomes one word.
-"Hey Jim did you see that chick at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show?"

-"Oh my god yes dude. She was sawt!!"
#hot #sexy #sex #so hot #stunning #attractive #awesome #heavy
by Cornelius Yeboi December 20, 2011
How some people in Scotland pronounce salt. It is under serious debate between the various Westerners whether this is the real way westerners pronounce salt.
Hiy Jimmy, pass the sawt.

Dae ye mean the salt?

Aye, the sawt!

Naw, learn tae talk Inglish first.
#salt #scottish #sawt #ayrshire #language
by GrimlordXVII June 28, 2013
Sawt (n) A bird who's got it all. Pins, waps and a lovely boat.
Gosh Toby, you'd do her wouldn't ya! She's a right fit SAWT!
by Max October 20, 2004
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