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1. Japanese name meaning "little cow."

2. Comfortable, at ease.
I'm not very kohshi with my name.

Something just ain't kohshi.
by Mathias June 09, 2004
A thrusting motion in the pelvic area performed by a male without female nor pillow below him
Good god i heard Peaches air fucked naked on all fours in front of those girls, have him no shame?
by Mathias September 08, 2004
Nissan's first attempt at a turbo efi 6cyl, the HR30 was regarded by many as a whale. The plush orange interior did however save grace. Nissan released the much improved HR31 series a few years later, including the racebred HR31 GTS.
by Mathias March 06, 2003
someone who wanks
man Im such a monkey beater
by mathias January 09, 2004
Kind, sweet and delicious. A little bit of perfection.
"God, this man is so great in bed. He's simply an auk !"
by Mathias January 14, 2004
That which one uses to bone people.
I totally used my boner to bone that bonehead.
by Mathias October 29, 2005
gay "metalcore" pop band, kids love to "mosh" and headbang with shaved heads to this product. see also mtv
Why would anyone want to listen to Lamb of God except to "piss off" mommy and daddy.
by mathias February 16, 2005
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