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1.) To vigorously nod your head up and down.

2.) To quickly roll your head around to make your long greasy hair swirl about you.

3.) A type of body movement which can cause permanent brain damage.
Nirvana's videos feature headbanging.
by Sarah November 16, 2003
To violently shake one's head to music. Headbanging is often accompanied by air guitar.
My friend was headbanging to Pantera.
by darth ivory April 07, 2007
To sling one's head forward and then back rapidly as to rock-and-roll music.
Jimmy's hair whipped Shaundra in the face because she was too close when he was head banging.
by JasonDB August 07, 2005
1 n.: head ache 2. v.: to slam your head against the keyboard resulting in vgjjbfcu or something simmilar
1.ohhhh god my headbangs!!!! gonna head bang bhnjhn,kkjhbvf,m
by truman March 21, 2005
what you do to someone when they are drunk and passed out on the whip out your penis and bang him in the face with your dick.
CJ is plastered...should i head bang him?
by SeXaYmAmAs January 01, 2005
Giving someone head or BANGING someone
"hey man, I just headBANGED ellie last night."

"oh my god, did u hear!? Kevin just headBANGED ellie in a corner"
by WOAHhhhhhhhhh February 17, 2009
To perform the act of bobbing your head up and down on a penis.
Samantha always headbanged afterschool.
by Jay July 02, 2004
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