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43 definitions by MaXiMuS

An experiance by a hetero man when he sees a girl with long blond hair. The girl may or may not be fugly but he will but unsure for sometime.
She is really a brute, when I banged here I was under blong distortion.
by Maximus August 06, 2003
a good mulit-player map for the xbox game halo two.
we got our ass's handed to us on zanzibar
by maximus April 11, 2005
A person who is overly cautious.
He didn't want to go out tonight even though it is just flurries. He's being a safety joe.
by maximus January 26, 2005
One or two days after you shave your nutbag, it is the act of dragging your stubbly nutbag across some chics face.
I gave this chic such a bad Welcenbach that her face was still beat red a week later.
by Maximus October 29, 2004
bumstuffing arse bandit aka the tightarse of toontown
by maximus October 30, 2003
(adj.) To be most delicious

To be used only rarely, for only amazing food
Mmmm, this Chinese is yumyumtastic
by Maximus February 28, 2006
A trilogy of movies that steadily get worse the further into the trilogy you.
"The Matrix" is way better than "The Matrix: Revolutions"
by Maximus April 10, 2004