The Blog Princess. One of the admins behind the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan blog Equestria Daily. She was the leader behind the artistic event "Newbie Artists Training Grounds". Better known for her sleep deprivation in said event. Characteristic for her pauses for word choice in conversation, and verbose blog posts, which are mostly enjoyable.
ATG participant: "Phoe has commented on my submission!"
by RToasts September 14, 2011
a girl who sticks around at pot dealers houses for small bong hits called poppers, usually slutty, ie.(hoe)
Lisa stayed at Kyles house, all night and even performed favours of a sexual nature, for bong hits. "lisa, youre a p-hoe for staying at kyles and being skanky all night for weed."
by jessica_696969 May 12, 2006
A person who likes to pinch arses and succeeded in pinching Jamie Cullums. Has funkay hair ;)
Phoe, a "Particularly comfortable" girl ;)
by *Addy* January 30, 2005
One of lesser intelligence, rank/status, and/or worth.
"Wtfm. Don't act like a Phoe..."
by Maximus January 04, 2004

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