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43 definitions by MaXiMuS

Armpits with an unbearable smell
"Erik's got tragomaschalia, he needs deoderant and an ass kickin
by Maximus May 07, 2004
4 1
1. One who is over-zealously PC (politically correct)

2. A personal computer fanatic, usually when accentuating how much they own consoles.
--Slavery is bad, you're a racist!!
--you fukkin piccer.

PC owns all consoles, I am a piccer and proud of it!!
by Maximus March 04, 2004
7 4
smelly hole, vagina.
I gots myself some stinkpink!
by Maximus August 06, 2003
3 1
A computer gaming league that encourages hacking and noobs. they also feel that they are better than eveyone.
Ashgrove and Cannonfodder are Provingground admins
by Maximus September 13, 2004
2 1
1. The third in the triad of "dazeness".

2. A feminine derivative of Maxdaze and Randaze.
"Dude, you're so Locksdaze"
by MaXiMuS May 14, 2004
2 1
A mexican cock sucker
In mexico i met a james redd
by maximus April 25, 2004
6 5
The alter-ego of a Max. This is the incarnation of absurity into a human body and mind.
The universe is nonesense and can only be understood exabsurdum.
by MaXiMuS November 11, 2003
3 2