43 definitions by MaXiMuS

Armpits with an unbearable smell
"Erik's got tragomaschalia, he needs deoderant and an ass kickin
by Maximus May 07, 2004
A computer gaming league that encourages hacking and noobs. they also feel that they are better than eveyone.
Ashgrove and Cannonfodder are Provingground admins
by Maximus September 13, 2004
1. One who is over-zealously PC (politically correct)

2. A personal computer fanatic, usually when accentuating how much they own consoles.
--Slavery is bad, you're a racist!!
--you fukkin piccer.

PC owns all consoles, I am a piccer and proud of it!!
by Maximus March 04, 2004
smelly hole, vagina.
I gots myself some stinkpink!
by Maximus August 06, 2003
a good mulit-player map for the xbox game halo two.
we got our ass's handed to us on zanzibar
by maximus April 11, 2005
1. The third in the triad of "dazeness".

2. A feminine derivative of Maxdaze and Randaze.
"Dude, you're so Locksdaze"
by MaXiMuS May 14, 2004
A mexican cock sucker
In mexico i met a james redd
by maximus April 25, 2004

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