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One who takes a toke off of a pipe and leaves the end wet, then passes it without wiping it off.
Fabio, this pipe is wet. What a wetlipper!
by Maximus December 03, 2004
1. A derivative of Randaze. Signifying profanity replacement.

2. A fusion of Max and Randaze, resulting in a great amount of any human emotion: pleasure, confusion, anger, happiness, joy, distraut, etc, etc...

3. The persona that becomes Max, from MaxMeansMore.com.

4. In the quality of Maxness and Randazeness simultaniously.

see further: Randaze Locksdaze
"What the Maxdaze?!"

Who in the Maxdaze are you?!"
by MaXiMuS May 14, 2004
smelly hole, vagina.
I gots myself some stinkpink!
by Maximus August 06, 2003
A computer gaming league that encourages hacking and noobs. they also feel that they are better than eveyone.
Ashgrove and Cannonfodder are Provingground admins
by Maximus September 13, 2004
1. The third in the triad of "dazeness".

2. A feminine derivative of Maxdaze and Randaze.
"Dude, you're so Locksdaze"
by MaXiMuS May 14, 2004
A mexican cock sucker
In mexico i met a james redd
by maximus April 25, 2004
The alter-ego of a Max. This is the incarnation of absurity into a human body and mind.
The universe is nonesense and can only be understood exabsurdum.
by MaXiMuS November 11, 2003

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