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43 definitions by MaXiMuS

Basically the greatest team to roam the on-line world of Halo. Were once challenged to a war by the Blue team and the Red team, and completely made bitch meat of them bolth. Rumours are abound about a new challenge, which is widely regarded as a joke by the Commonwealth team, but they love to humour other retarded teams so have obliged.
Red team suck
Blue team suck
Commonwealth team own.
by Maximus April 09, 2005
1.) A condition often associated with promiscious sex, Puskas often appears overweight, groteseque and gorilla like

2.) a hairy ape who can not give directions but is highly skilled at grading hw...
damm, i got puskas, im scurred and screwed
by maximus May 10, 2004
Something no one cares about, but everyone wants. The apex of wit and intelligence, although none can realize it's genius. Not even the creator.
MaxMeansMore.com is a gift to humanity.
by MaXiMuS November 11, 2003
to freestyle (or usually to attempt to do so) with varying degrees of success (usually shitty) to a beat (by chromped up niggas who think they shit)
you say eminem can flow, i say hes a hoe.
by Maximus July 31, 2003
(n) A term used during competition, complete elimination, where opposing team did not stand a chance.
The SOCOM II Clan, Palestinian Stone Throwers, create a unforgettable display of ownage every time they play.
by Maximus January 11, 2004
Combination Knife, Fork and Spoon issued to Canadian Infantry, carried on webbing in the field.
Make sure you got your gut wrench, because nobody will share theirs !
by Maximus March 13, 2003
A cluster or group of nerds that live, travel, eat, gather, or play together.
A seuss of D&D players are gathering in their parents' basement.
by maximus January 26, 2005