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43 definitions by MaXiMuS

Just A Matter Of Doing IT
Yea, I know I have homework it's JAMODI
by Maximus February 07, 2004
A power movement which calculates the power of the chest muscles
Ben Hatch Benches more than you because his chest is stronger
by Maximus February 19, 2003
shorter term used for "just chillin." or can be used in other verbs.
Jonny: "what are you doing?"
Bob: "you know...jchillin at my house."
by Maximus October 05, 2004
1. In the quality of Scotty Randaze.

2. A type of mood or emotion.

3. Good times.

see further: Maxdaze Locksdaze
"Good Dayz, Bad Dayz, Randaze..."
by MaXiMuS May 14, 2004
mood swings you get from drinking too much coffee
I got the coffee coffee swings after drinkin' a whole pot of coffee!!!!!
by maximus April 22, 2004
One who takes a toke off of a pipe and leaves the end wet, then passes it without wiping it off.
Fabio, this pipe is wet. What a wetlipper!
by Maximus December 03, 2004
1. A derivative of Randaze. Signifying profanity replacement.

2. A fusion of Max and Randaze, resulting in a great amount of any human emotion: pleasure, confusion, anger, happiness, joy, distraut, etc, etc...

3. The persona that becomes Max, from MaxMeansMore.com.

4. In the quality of Maxness and Randazeness simultaniously.

see further: Randaze Locksdaze
"What the Maxdaze?!"

Who in the Maxdaze are you?!"
by MaXiMuS May 14, 2004