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Its what alot of people say to bands that have a bigger audience then 1 million, if they MAKE MONEY making their music= sell out :/ while in reality every band in HISTORY started out to make MONEY while playing music.. THAT WAS THE POINT OF STARTING OUT U BIG DUMB SHITS
LImp bizkit sold out , becouse they became popular, while in fact they were just doing what anyone can really do and its play their shit for everyone.
by maximus March 05, 2004
A girl who is very fat.
Damn G, check out yo sista in law. She is packing away the EZ Mac like a Mo Fo. That chick is a Jigglepotamus.
by Maximus January 26, 2005
Just A Matter Of Doing IT
Yea, I know I have homework it's JAMODI
by Maximus February 07, 2004
1. In the quality of Scotty Randaze.

2. A type of mood or emotion.

3. Good times.

see further: Maxdaze Locksdaze
"Good Dayz, Bad Dayz, Randaze..."
by MaXiMuS May 14, 2004
Armpits with an unbearable smell
"Erik's got tragomaschalia, he needs deoderant and an ass kickin
by Maximus May 07, 2004
mood swings you get from drinking too much coffee
I got the coffee coffee swings after drinkin' a whole pot of coffee!!!!!
by maximus April 22, 2004
1. One who is over-zealously PC (politically correct)

2. A personal computer fanatic, usually when accentuating how much they own consoles.
--Slavery is bad, you're a racist!!
--you fukkin piccer.

PC owns all consoles, I am a piccer and proud of it!!
by Maximus March 04, 2004

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