53 definitions by Lou

1. Worst word ever. A gunch is the epitome of everything dirty and nasty. 2. A dirty cunt.
1. Mel is a dirty gunch. 2. Your mom has a nasty gunch.
by Lou February 23, 2005
ass in Itailian
Bache mi culo, CULO!
by lou September 30, 2003
A number. Subsequently the same number of hours that equal one day.
the number 24 precedes 25 and comes after 23
by lou July 24, 2004
opposite of jackjuice, female sex juice see also lovejuice
she queefed her jilljuice all over me!
by lou December 20, 2004
the wiked best playah on the red sox who are gunna win the series this year
Nomah is the best playah on the sox
by Lou November 01, 2003
Short for "computer"
I typed my english paper on the compy
by Lou December 05, 2003
Don't have any
I ain't got no money
by Lou January 25, 2004

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