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the sex appeal of someone or yourself based on a scale of -100 to 100
man my do factor just rose to 100
by Lou November 01, 2003
Derived from the black & white movies of old when the ganster says to his 'moll' hey-ya toots... to which tutch has evolved as a term of indeerment a cute name for your beloved!
tutch means loved one
by lou September 21, 2004
Where one person takes on the additional job responsibilities for others that just like to wander around all day
Everyday same clshd crap
by lou November 20, 2003
woman who looks like a cross between a squirral and a pig = squig
look at that fat old lady, she is a proper squig
by lou June 07, 2004
a little skool girl who hangs bout up towwn wavin and shoutin at modified car drives as they do there laps of the town then wen the guy pulls over they hop in then wen he kicks them out they wait for the next one to come along and so on!
hi can me and my girls get in your and drive around for a while till our mate comes along!
by lou March 26, 2004
when you are with you're loved one
and you get a bit frisky you are being sneaky sneaky!!
how was the sneakyness last nite?
by lou December 10, 2003
there were a family of pigeons...8 to be exact. when i went on holiday i asked my mate to babysit the pigeons...she cut pigeon number fours hair into a mohican so now he looks like a hen rather than a pigeon..
if somethings good-or ok you can say 'that's pigeon number 4 that is'!
by lou December 10, 2003

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