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53 definitions by Lou

one day me and my friends went to Asda to do some shopping..we then went into a photobooth and my mate pulled a funny face!She looked a little
like The Celebrity Snowman.
We see him everywhere-he was even at Glastonbury!
banana says i can grant you one wish....snowman says the wiah is golden!
by lou December 10, 2003
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Intense intercourse usually resulting in the male partner losing all ability to act like a normal human being during the act, due to the extreme sheer perfect and rare hotmess of the female.
Damn, dude! I would do her silly stlye!
by Lou October 01, 2003
4 5
1. "Those guys that drive the plows!"
2. Someone having, or has had sex.

AKA. Plow or Plowed (past tense)
1. Shit they are gonna hit my car again the drunk ass plowers are coming.
2. "Dude, she showed me her boobs then we plowed all night it was great!"
by Lou June 30, 2004
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When you shove a whole granny smith apple up your ass and like it.
Hey Steve, hand me the apples for the pie.
-Sorry man, I gave them all a good ol' Spicy Magritte!
Man what the fuck is with you and those apples?
by Lou April 19, 2005
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Ho Ho term of agreement, happiness, appreciation...
"Hoei!" "Sikah"
by Lou June 11, 2003
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its like a catapult but its spelt differently because i fucking said so benjamin
i would like to catapault your head into a wall
by lou April 30, 2003
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a nice set of breasts, perky not to big boobs
wow she has some veluptious tatas
by lou January 02, 2003
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