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39 definitions by Lily

when one person is on all fours getting fucked from behind. either in the ass or pussy
lily took it doggie style from j.
by lily March 13, 2003
A way of making someone feel all warm and fuzzy inside without being weird about it
Person 1: Tony's not having a good day. I think he needs a hug
Person 2: Yes i think he does. Let's go give him one
by Lily November 03, 2003
a therapist; comes from "brain shrinker"
My shrink says I have an Oedipal complex.
by lily November 18, 2003
The BEST country in the WORLD with the most attractive people which unfortunately got screwed by a couple of turban-wearing cockroaches with lice crawling beards.
Persia is also known as Iran but call it Persia anyway.
by Lily April 01, 2005
Sintuated in the South of Europe, Italy is a beautiful country with a population of approx. 58,057,477 people. Now, I'm not Italian but I must say, Italy has the BEST food in the world and some of the sexiest guys (with that jet black hair and sexy brown eyes), it also has a very interesting history (with the whole Mafia thing), definately one of the best countries to visit.
Wow,check that hot Italian guy!
by lily April 05, 2005
short for probably
You probly don´t remember me
by Lily April 22, 2003
An awesome "stoner rock" band from Seattle that spawned the best band on the history of hell, Queens of the Stone Age....and others...
The screaming trees concert was so good johnny wet himself.
by Lily March 13, 2005