39 definitions by Lily

1. what you say when you forget what to say; a hesitation

2. acronym for ur mom
1. Kelly: "The koala lives in Australia, um, they like to eat eucalyptus leaves.."

2. Paul: "I'm hungry!"
Josh: "um"
by Lily May 05, 2006
A frog and Lily flower mutated together to become.....a lilifred!!
A Lilifred looks green and smells like flowers....
by Lily February 20, 2005
an ache localized in the middle or inner ear that occurs after a lengthy or vigourous threesome. May be resolved by rubbing Peruvian balls over the irritated skin.
Heavens, that vigourous threesome I engaged in with EvelAlex and Skankalily last night plum wore me out - now I am showing symptoms of Michellinear Syndrome!
by Lily January 11, 2005
lily hashemoomoo is also really hot.
lily hashemoomoo can do me any time she wants.
by lily November 16, 2003
When something has gone horribly wrong.
Its all gone up the bummy.
by Lily June 15, 2006
Anna or someone who is acting like a pansy.
Anna stop acting like such a goddam sneezeweed!!!
by Lily October 11, 2004
the best fuckin ceareal in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yo me and my friends got high off some nesquick
by Lily March 30, 2005

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