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An awesome "stoner rock" band from Seattle that spawned the best band on the history of hell, Queens of the Stone Age....and others...
The screaming trees concert was so good johnny wet himself.
by Lily March 13, 2005
The comical creature who looks in people's windows at night, and causes havic with piercing screams. Only the coolest paranormal being ever. He has wings, four legs, glowing red eyes and is said to look like a cross between a kanagroo, dog, bat and dragon. There have been many sightings, but the most recorded in a short time was during the week of January 16-23, 1909. Tracks leading to no where, bloody chickens and hellish screams are said to come from him. Many are scared of him but some accounts are quite humorous; one says that he "did a little jig on the fence and flew off;" another says he sits by the water and waits for sinking ships to laugh at. It's said that he was the 13th child of Mrs. Leeds, who lived in the Pine Barrens forest. It was stormy outside that night and when she went into labor she screamed "let this be a devil!" and the child transformed into a being with wings and a tail and flew out of the chimney. When something goes wrong, like a calf is missing or if there's a bad drought, some blame the little devil. He still haunts the woods to this very day...
The Jersey Devil hopped on the fence, did a little jig and took flight.
by Lily April 02, 2005
To post on message boards for the sake of posting, to post useless things to raise your post count.
"Please stop postwhoring, posting 'lolz' is not constructive to these forums."
by Lily June 08, 2004
Guitarist of excellent band - HIM.
AKA -Lily Lazer
by Lily January 01, 2004
Running through dense brush and foliage, as Mogley from the Jungle Book, (esp. from the police).
My pants got ripped on a branch. I was running from the police and I had to ditch my bike and I was fuckin' mogley'n it through the woods.
by Lily November 08, 2004
this is so stupid like people really follow what the bracelets mean. even if one is snapped people don't go through with it!!
I am in 9th grade and at my skewl thi is what they mean...

black~all the way
blue~blow job
Green~outdoor sex
clear~whatever the snapper wants
red~lap dance
purple~anal sex
white~recite (meaning you have to no matter what)
gold glitter~make out
glittery green~69
glittery purple~anal
by lily May 17, 2004
the best medicine to be found in the kitchen
nestled close to the blanket with milk and cookys tiny cruukies appear
by lily June 26, 2004

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