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39 definitions by Lily

usualy when i say it it is after a diss followed by a WHIPCRACK
ah ha you stupid idiot BITOCH WHIPCRCK ........................

fuck i have way too much spare time
by lily April 21, 2005
5 33
a term used to describe a funny situation. means: giggling off my butt. used primarily by smart, beautiful girls.
han: i just fell off my chair!
lil: haha! u loser!
han: GOMB!!!!!
lil: GOMB!!!!!!
by LILY June 17, 2003
1 32
A big store where Michele likes to shop
I am going to Wal-Mart
by Lily May 06, 2005
8 57
cranny and nook - minuscule crackles you find while mapping the microsphere
a nook is a peanutbutterpiesweet ankle with clattering sounds and a dim and motionless ghostperfume-smell
by lily June 26, 2004
23 230