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well, u look up R2K in the dictiionary and it says, FINE ASS ROBOT who rocks out on stage everynight with finch BIaTcH...thats websters YO

fade to black, BITCH!
is that food? you better put that in MY MOUTH!
by lily August 20, 2003
Quite clearly a breast. Basoomas therefore are more than one breast, and a basooma holder is a bra. I don't understand how it can't have a definition? What in the name of all great basoomas is going on?
My my she has mighty large basoomas.

On the other hand his basoomas are no joke.

Do you like my new basooma holder?

Get your slimey hand off of my basooma.
by Lily January 05, 2005
the sweetest, smartest, funniest boy ever. like your prince charming.
boy i sure hope i find a neu leblanc one day to marry.
by lily February 13, 2004
Boyfriend or girlfriend, another word for boo.
I'm meeting with my browzy on saturday.
by Lily January 26, 2005
When one is not able to say "I love you" due to circumstances or is mad at their signifigant other, the word Twiggle-squish is the appropriate interjection.
"Shut up! Twiggle-squish."

When around strangers...: "Twiggle-squish."
Around parents or children: "Twiggle-Squish"
by Lily July 06, 2004
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