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The derivative of basking in the reflections of the mirror of the mind.
Vision: To see within, or without.
by HarvesterOfSorrow February 26, 2006
1; to be able to see through the eye 2; to recieve some kind of messege through images or text, most of the time while someone is sleeping, daydreaming, or unaware of his consciousness 3; extremely talented cs player, by the name of John Randles
1; the boy had good vision
2; the boy recieved a vision
3; vision just took down the whole team
by Johnny Randles December 03, 2003
1. The ability to detect and understand light.
2. A product of imagination esp. relating to the future.
3. An object or person the sight of which produces pleasure.
The sudden sunlight temporarily stole my vision.

Yoda had a vision than Anakin would bring balance to the Force.

Elena was such a vision she took my breath away every time I looked upon her.
by vicariance August 28, 2011
a type of jamacan cracker, quite popular in parts of both florida and texas...
paul: where did you put vision?

chad: i forgot them. we can get more though- when we get back to florida...

paul: aww crap!!
by fooseball, w.e.i. March 26, 2010
A really really really shit piece of software, that companies have the misfortune of using. Its slow, unreliable, unpredictable, and just generally crap. The developers never really do anything to embrace the needs of thier customers. It tends to hide windows randomly and delete or change orders, just because it can. It needs to be restarted on a server once a day, just so it can last out a working afternoon. Integrity software are just basically laughing at the fools they've suckered into buying it.
Vision user 1: "whats wrong with vision?"
Vision user 2: "Everything. Its wank."
Vision user 1: "Well i know that. but has anyone pressed more than one button in a minute and caused it to freeze?"
Vision user 3: "Yeah i sent a document to print. I think its stuck the whole system."
Vision user 2: "No surprise there. Im going to go downstairs and piss in the server."
by 684 massive April 11, 2008
Best nightclub in the World. Located in Midtown Atlanta. Reaches 3500 people on good nights.
Shawty, did you go to T.I. album and movie release party at Vision.
by Chick aka Uncle Junior June 29, 2006
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