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1. The activity of having sex for the aerobic benefit. Also, athletic sex.
2. To keep a score card of the act of "love", what a playa does. It's the game that you hate and not the playa
1. I was sport fucking your sister when I threw my back out.
2. Last weekend I was sport fucking and I tapped your moms, your sister, your girl friend and her sister.
by LeRoy January 12, 2004

Vagina, shaven or not. See also "Nappy Dugout"
"When it comes right down to it, dugout is dugout"
by Leroy December 05, 2003
One who greedily licks on nut sacks
That Jack is a fucking suck huffer
by Leroy March 14, 2003
Berkeley, California
Homey from Oakland Lowerbottom, "Foo's on the corner think they're hard but they's only from b-town. Let's bust a cap in their ass..."
by LeRoy January 13, 2004
An ass and vaginal region
"I got busy with your moms and got all juicy in her kit and caboodle."
by LeRoy January 22, 2004
a sleazy terminology for having sex
usually used in a string of three "diggity, diggity, diggity" and sometimes followed by an "all-right"

or 'i am going for diggity', ' im going out to find me some diggity'

hip gyrations are encouraged to enhance meaning
by leroy February 08, 2005
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