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old African-American and southern slang for a treatment to de-kink hair, if one's hair is curly or kinky and one wants to de-kink it. Usually applied to an African-American's hair.
She went and got a klong treatment and her hair, now it's all straight and proper and she looks great!
by Leroy November 24, 2003
A person with lazy habits who increasingly worsens.
"Hey Slothful Mark - Can we have a garage sale at your house in 2 months?" - s said

"Oh yah, dooooo, we can have one." - Slothful Mark replied

....every day for the next two months:
"Don't forget to ask the other tenants about the garage sale!" - s to Slothful mark

...2 months later(night before the garage sale):
"What the imboo?!?! You still haven't told your neighbors?" - s to Slothful mark

"Whaaaaatttttttt?" - S.M. to s
by leroy January 28, 2005
1. Spanish phrase; smooth type

2. Ladies man

3. A phrase seen on billboard advertisements for cigarettes in the inner-city, usually a barrio
Ever since he took those salsa dance lessons, he thinks he is such a tipo suave with the chiquitas.
by LeRoy January 20, 2004
the characteristic of providing oneself with play. autonomous sexual gratification... i.e. masturbation
She hasn't been w/ a guy in over a year... bet she's all autoplayistic.

John has never had sex before; this is why we don't question is autoplayistic lifestyle.
by Leroy July 08, 2003
3. To use suffixes in an excessive way.
P1: "This soup is full Kristerrificishness goodness"

P2: "Don't be so Isaacishish."
by Leroy March 19, 2003
A substance so hot as to make one say "oooh, ooohhh, aaaah, aaaah".
He slowly lowered himself into the monkey hot bath tub.
by LeRoy November 19, 2003
v. Grive, Grived
The act of inadvertantly spitting onto the lip, face, or in the mouth of someone your are conversing with.
1: "Dude, when you talk to her, don't get so excited you grive on her like last time."

2: "I can't believe it! We were just talking and he grived on my cheek! It was soo gross!"
by Leroy February 11, 2005

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