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36 definitions by LeRoy

a chiropractor; pejorative
"Careful mang, that crackyback could leave you paralyzed
by LeRoy January 22, 2004
A person with lazy habits who increasingly worsens.
"Hey Slothful Mark - Can we have a garage sale at your house in 2 months?" - s said

"Oh yah, dooooo, we can have one." - Slothful Mark replied

....every day for the next two months:
"Don't forget to ask the other tenants about the garage sale!" - s to Slothful mark

...2 months later(night before the garage sale):
"What the imboo?!?! You still haven't told your neighbors?" - s to Slothful mark

"Whaaaaatttttttt?" - S.M. to s
by leroy January 28, 2005
1. Spanish phrase; smooth type

2. Ladies man

3. A phrase seen on billboard advertisements for cigarettes in the inner-city, usually a barrio
Ever since he took those salsa dance lessons, he thinks he is such a tipo suave with the chiquitas.
by LeRoy January 20, 2004
A term used by wildland fire fighters. refers to the act of a person who cannot keep up with the rest of the crew during a hike.
john! you had better not fall out again or its 2-a-days for the next month.
by leroy December 27, 2003
the characteristic of providing oneself with play. autonomous sexual gratification... i.e. masturbation
She hasn't been w/ a guy in over a year... bet she's all autoplayistic.

John has never had sex before; this is why we don't question is autoplayistic lifestyle.
by Leroy July 08, 2003
3. To use suffixes in an excessive way.
P1: "This soup is full Kristerrificishness goodness"

P2: "Don't be so Isaacishish."
by Leroy March 19, 2003
A substance so hot as to make one say "oooh, ooohhh, aaaah, aaaah".
He slowly lowered himself into the monkey hot bath tub.
by LeRoy November 19, 2003