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Pocho slang for compadre; pal, chum, dawg
Yo compa, bust out with the yesca...
by LeRoy November 14, 2003
The po po, the fuzz, the cops.
From the TV show Hawaii Five-0.
"Cheese it, Five-0"
by LeRoy January 12, 2004
a very small amount; often used with diddley
"Foo', you don't know squat 'bout nothin'."
by LeRoy January 22, 2004
A vagina that is crusted over because of uncleanliness or sluttiness.
Lauren has a crusty cooter.
by Leroy September 20, 2004
To remove a brassiere
"Hey Jemima, whaddaya say you release the twins and lemme play wit' them taddies?"
by LeRoy January 22, 2004
as in to pull a nat: suck really bad at something
Fuck, i pulled a nat!
by leroy June 14, 2003
What is said to alert a fellow smoker that the joint is headed in their direction. Always said without exhaling the hit you just puffed back.
"dude, 'ere..."
by LeRoy December 05, 2003
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