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36 definitions by LeRoy

A crazy mother white boy who thinks he's down in the ghetto with his bi-a-tches and bruvers,when really he aint got no rhythm.
"Ay bruv hows going in da hood"
"piss off you dont know shit wigga"
by leroy May 25, 2003
5 11
A mustache
He had a thick cock duster
by Leroy June 05, 2003
17 31
Adj;1. to have sound fundamental skills
2. to have good basketball handling skills
" Yo mang, tha' foo's crispy with the rock"
by LeRoy January 23, 2004
12 35
The San Francisco Bay area
"Shi', tha' foo' drove all the way 'cross the Yayo from Valley-Jo to Lower Bottom for some krunkin'..."
by LeRoy January 12, 2004
6 29
An Anglo-American citizen of Oakland, California with ancestral roots in the American states affected most deeply by the "dust bowl" of the 1930's, i.e. Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas...
"Shi' mang, I was tring to get into the Stork Club las' night and the Clampers were givin' me hella grief at the doo'..."
by LeRoy January 23, 2004
5 29
1. The activity of having sex for the aerobic benefit. Also, athletic sex.
2. To keep a score card of the act of "love", what a playa does. It's the game that you hate and not the playa
1. I was sport fucking your sister when I threw my back out.
2. Last weekend I was sport fucking and I tapped your moms, your sister, your girl friend and her sister.
by LeRoy January 12, 2004
95 119
A really ugly baby
"Bitch, why you dress yo baby like Frodo? Halloween is way over! Whadda homunculus!"
by LeRoy January 13, 2004
8 36