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9 definitions by Lardy

too lazy, tired or leathered to do anything
Fucket man, I can't be arsed with that shit
by Lardy July 19, 2003

> A female with a penis.
Britney Spears
by Lardy July 19, 2003
Too spill an alcoholic drink, or spill your cannabis.
Shit! I dropped the joint... Fucking Tragic
by Lardy July 19, 2003
one who has not established a position on romance, yet is lucky regardless.
jo's a player. debb and marry dont have a thing in common yet, they both go out with him.
by LARDY February 27, 2005
To be stoned passed movement; To have taken too much cannabis and the ability to move no longer exists.
Fuck that, i'm too leathered to move.
by Lardy July 19, 2003
the word you say sometimes when you are avoiding the "B" word.
wonder if they got any good peaches up at the clubs tonight
by LARDY February 27, 2005
one of those words with an origin that is hoplessly lost, yet someone tries to say they have "the true def"
any slang that is not reddily obviouse
by LARDY March 02, 2005