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9 definitions by Lardy

a person who, if things keep going the way they are, will be living in the white house in 2008.
wife of former president clinton
by LARDY February 27, 2005
-a place where they have more guns than people.
-wasted space between New York and Seattle. I'll keep Minneapolis and St. Paul (the famouse Twin Cities), thank you.
-an area so cold nine months out of the year that mexicans seem as though they may be the only ones smart enough not to go there.
-where it is costomary to pause for at least 2 seconds before responding in conversation. (The longer you pause, the more intelligent you must be)
-a famous childhood book called "Where the republican Things Are" is about the midwest. j/k
-a place that, if it didn't exist, the USA would be one huge city called NewYorkMiamiDallasPhoenixLAPortlandSeattle.
-the above can be used without permission.
jack)-lets go from our house in Seattle, to bobs house in Miami................

jill)-we're here!

jack)-did i miss anything?...

by LARDY February 27, 2005