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without consideration
Regardless if what you may have to say is important or not, I still think that it is not essential to my everyday life, and therefore from this point forward, I will ignore you.
by Its pronounced Shi thead June 26, 2003
81 24
regardless is clarification that you are intincing yourself, not too go with something commenced,showing that you are looking over something partialy or fully not careing showing idiocy.
see other definitions of regardless...
by regardless devon victory July 10, 2008
50 25
regardless means no what matter what somebody else said you gone what you said you would do
REGARDLESS!! we scratchin rite here rite now.
by thugificent May 09, 2009
21 12
A gamer term used as a rebuttal after a traumatic beak
Gamer 1: you're an uber haxing n00b who has RL bum sex with the admins yet still manages to get pwned by a half retarded baby girl with autism

Gamer 2: regardless..
by youve-changed May 21, 2009
16 12
name of a stupid t - shirt that nobody knows the meaning of and it's worn by people who make stupid ass bets to their friends to wear a REGARDLESS shirt everyday for a whole school year and because those people buy it in every color like a pack of damn skittles, school administrators question whether or not those kids are in gangs.
kids at fleming island who wear a shirt with the word REGARDLESS on it
by mafiaprincess March 02, 2011
9 8
A word most often used by Mexicans
Mexican: I don't have a green card, regardless if i'm in america.

American: I don't understand?
by Regardless Mexican August 14, 2010
10 10
a common misusage of the word "irregardless"

means "with regard" as ir- adds the "not" to the definition that the speaker is looking for since they clearly mean to say "without regard" or "irregardless"
guy 1: regardless of what they say I'm still the grammer king.

guy 2: you mean irregardless?

guy 1: yea, I guess I'm not the grammer king. If I were I would have said irregardless. I guess they are right
by dinosaurdoctor July 24, 2011
9 12