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too lazy, tired or leathered to do anything
Fucket man, I can't be arsed with that shit
by Lardy July 19, 2003
A bucket used for intercourse/sex/fucking/screwing/doing the nasty/pumping uglies.
Hey Gab, where the hell's my fucket?!
by JTMitch December 18, 2008
A Bucket with no bottom. The user becomes frustrated of items escaping through and yells "Fucket".
This Fucket is some Bullshit.
by GuyInFancyHat April 08, 2010
A stupid fuck. Douchebag. Just a word that rolls off the tongue in cursing anger, when wanting to insult someone.
You sir, are a fucket.
by J4CK20 November 19, 2013
A combination of the words fuck and bucket. Used when a person completely fucks up another person verbally using words from their metaphorical language bucket.
Yoooo nigga, Ritzy just got drowned in a fucket. Shit was cray.
by sexybrownman123 October 05, 2013
A bucket of fuck
Such a bucket of fuck! How can you be such a fuck bucket? No, REALLY, how can you live with being such a fucket!?!
by I'm buckets of fun- Mr. Bucket November 02, 2010
A massive amount of something you cannot express without the word "fucket".
I made a post on Facebook and got a fucket of like on it!
by BWeave621 January 10, 2012
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