54 definitions by Kurt

the coolest person on this earth
hey lets go see quege cause he is uber
by Kurt May 02, 2003
shit on a stick.
doodoo, gonna put it onnnn you!
by kurt December 30, 2002
someone with a back which is disgusting
rob i cant believe you rooted rhian she is a mole back
by kurt October 19, 2004
A Jewish man who happens to be well endowed, and get alot of poozle such as he may be considered a playa; player; or pimp
Damn Joshy punani is a Jockmo amoong men
by kurt June 14, 2004
A steaming corpse just waiting to rot
"Oh, your just going to THROW me away!"
-Dead body of guy in dumpster
by Kurt April 30, 2004
The brand of marshmallows that is sponsered by Homestarrunner. Their mascot is Marshy.. thats capital M and then arshy.. The Fluffy Puff Marmallows' jingle is "they're fluffidy, they're puffidy, 12345!"
Before i eat a tall glass of Marmelade, i often drink lots and lots of marshmallows, i mean Fluffy Puff.
by Kurt July 19, 2003
Probly be ok
Pilot: "what about the hydraulics?"
Mechanic: "It's PBO"
by Kurt May 14, 2004

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