54 definitions by Kurt

Slang for Movies. See Clockwork Orange
That picture was real horrorshow. It's like nothing I've ever viddied at the cinny.
by kurt March 28, 2005
the smell of nuts
clean your nuts they smell like piss
by kurt June 14, 2003
It is simply ebonic pig latin.
Pig Latin becomes Pizzig Lizzatin.
Fo' Sho' becomes fizzo shizzo, or fo shizzo, which then became shizzle, in and of itself a new slang word.
by Kurt March 19, 2003
Cleavage exceeding maximum capacity for clothing. Aka: Large boobies
"Hey Joshua, check out that fine momma with large patakos."
by Kurt May 05, 2005
An anoying member of Hxcs, he is only 15 and thinks he is that shit.
Don't be an Argusius
by Kurt June 22, 2003
the coolest person on this earth
hey lets go see quege cause he is uber
by Kurt May 02, 2003
shit on a stick.
doodoo, gonna put it onnnn you!
by kurt December 30, 2002
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