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A legendary follower of malkav that sucks up to Deadboy13 to get free rune ore.
Cleoman askes deadboy if he could kindly mine him rune ore so he can buy full dragon one day.
by Kurt April 19, 2005
While receiving oral satisfaction from a woman, stab her in the back. This will cause her jaw to clench giving you a different feeling than just an ordinary blow job would give.
My friends dared me to give her a stabbing kitten, because hey, I don't even like her anyways.
by Kurt April 24, 2005
tpitl= the person i truly love... A.K.A Bonny

silent t.
if you are talkin and you see "Bonny" walkin u tell ur homie thats ur tpitl
by Kurt April 20, 2005
huge nipples that shock everyone that sees them
ben burvill has pancake nipples to the max
by kurt October 19, 2004
A very cold Dead Body, releasing steam. Therefore, it must be... Steaming Corpse!
See: Kadaver, dead body, Nasty
I was clubbed so hard, that i became a steaming corpse, in seconds.
by Kurt June 07, 2004
The process in a game such as Warcraft III in order to roam after creeps and kill them in order for the hero to gain levels.
Im creeping 'till they attack.
by Kurt July 19, 2003
Someone who constantly chases rails (rails = your definition of "rails")
i can't stand my friends they are such rail chasers
by Kurt May 05, 2005
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