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A place which has no recess
Won't Believe it's just my luck - Nirvana
by Kurt December 12, 2004
A female child or a young woman.

An extremely impressive creature that has an ability to empathize and love from a very young age. Something that many men takes years to learn and fully grasp, or never learn at all.

Unfortunate victims of sexist "macho" males and foul pedophiles, who are just insecure coward-fucking arseholes with no souls who got beaten up/abused by their equally pathetic and cowardly dads when they were little.
Girls need lots of love.

That little girl is truly an angel.

Sexist people, get out of my way. Short-sighted, narrow-minded, condescending, chauvinistic hypocrites. You're all just a bunch of big babies. Let's not regress ourselves to the stone age.
by Kurt February 13, 2005
3 meanings:
1. a cool person
2. to signify agreement
3. to signify something is good
1. Tom lent me an album, he's safe.
2."who wants nachos?" "yeah safe"
3. "what do you think of this excellent song?" "it's safe"
by Kurt December 02, 2003
Slang Cockney word for penis
He's got one hell'uva corey
by Kurt April 15, 2005
Name given to a man who has exceptional abilities in seemingly an endless number of topics. For some reason however; God decided to make all Elias' considerably unskilled in basketball. For they have no ability to play the game and seem to have no concept of how to stop anyone else from scoring.
I saw that man named Elias lift a car with one arm, but he never could stop Kurt from scoring when playing one on one in basketball. Simply amazing!
by kurt April 22, 2005
The BEST hip hop bad in Australia!!
If u havnt heard u are missing out massive
This Is For The Nose Bleed Section
by KuRT February 10, 2005
Racial slur for a Jap.
Their eyes are slanted like a 9 iron
That nine iron got his irons modelled after his eyes.
by Kurt March 22, 2005
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