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To get the fuck out of the way; duck in anticipation of a projectile being launched at one.
Believed to be popularized by sea pirates, who generally told others to "hit the deck" when under attack from other ships.
by Kanda February 01, 2008
Food before food. Fucking greatest shit ever.
Now you can tell a fat guy invented the appetizer.
by Kanda March 22, 2007

To be living the good life; to be in a power of authority over others.
Automessage: Out.. BOSSIN. Leff msg.
by Kanda June 02, 2007
Abbreviated form for Supreme Commander, an RTS game for PC.
*Alex gets an F on his report card*
Alex: Fuck this, I'ma go play some supcom.
by Kanda February 01, 2008
a new and thoroughly interesting word to be coupled with 'post' normally used to describe the moments after
Having a copial ciggarrete..
by Kanda February 24, 2006

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