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To growl like a Jack Russell Terrier. To act in an angry short tempered manner.

Alt Def: to be short with someone.
That biatch was leffing at me all morning. She must be pms-ing
by Jimmy Jams February 25, 2005
The last name of a legend. Adam Leff is one of the most famous people in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. His phone number has been printed on thousands of stickers that have been distributed throughought the USA. Adam Leff is so popular people started to use his last name as an replacement word for virtually almost anything.
Girl 1: "Did you hear about Adam Leff? I'm totally DTL him"

Girl 2: "DTL?"
Girl 1: "Down To Leff. I wanna Leff the shit out of him I heard he has a massive penis"
by brightlights372 November 11, 2013
The most awesome possible way to say the word "left," as inspired by Thirst from those Sprite commercials.
"I'mma be ova heah on my leff...gettin' mah drink on!"
by Derek August 31, 2004
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