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When some one is so drunk that they are a ass clown and ignorant. Then they wake up and don't remember any thing! Also known as pulling a Josh!
Josh got so drunk last night that he went on auto pilot and called all the grils bitche$.
by Joshua December 29, 2003
what someone says when they have had enough of your stupid shit
chances are,if you had to look this up,go fuck youself

me:wanna play a game?
you:heck yea!
me:ok,lets play hide and go fuck yourself
by Joshua April 24, 2005
A hybrid mix of 'skunk' and 'cunt'. Used in much the same way as 'bitch' or 'bastard'.
Or used to describe a vagina which emits an unpleasant odor.

origin. New Foundland, Canada
'I'll show you, you fuckin' scunt'
by joshua January 29, 2004
worse than a breezy, usually seen wearing ugg boots with ruffle skirts and leg warmers.
"check out that brizzle wearin flip flops on a rainy day"
by joshua February 27, 2005
To attack a person's mind thru magickal means; to mess with someone psychically or even psychologically to such a degree that that person's mind is damaged and has great trouble escaping that present chaotic/damaged state. To be in such a state.
Monica knew that her misleading behavior and magickal spells had successfully mind fucked Joshua when he had sleep full of nightmares, and his waking life had hallucinations.
by Joshua January 03, 2004
Bad ass music, the best there is!!!!
Grade 8, Endo, Motograder, Nothingface
by Joshua October 06, 2003
a loose female; a dumb female; usually said by a female about another female; less than a brizzle
She slept with every guy in our class; what a breezy!!
by joshua February 27, 2005

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