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Slang for Genital Warts.
That skank prostitute down the street gave me a bad case of the Stump Lumpies
by Joshua January 18, 2004
A type of segfault that is rather mysterious. Often goes away when you try to debug it. Generally caused by a program writing out of bounds and either smashing the stack or destroying the core.
Hell! My code ran perfectly, up until it hit the new bit, at which point it performed a fandango on core.
by Joshua November 10, 2003
The dark cave of infinite evil.
Escapetwice.com raped my dog, killed my sex drive, and drove my pimply teenage son to suicide!
by Joshua October 17, 2003
decendent of the word snatch meaning pussy cunt pink eye etc
man did you see the tawala on that striper?
by joshua March 13, 2005
to be blaintly or offensivly gay; overly flaymboyant or Josh. Also its a small rock.
Gosh that boy is pithque. hey look at that pithque on the ground...i guess that works for either huh..?
by joshua January 06, 2005
A person some had sex with. Usally ugly, lame, or they don't like for some reason!
Friend,"Hey Sean are you goning to hit that agin?"
Sean,"No she was a last nighter!"

This word was made up for Sean,I know you can do better stop setteling for less!!
by Joshua December 29, 2003
noun-gayest thing you can be
Mattew was being a gayneck last night when he wouldnt let me have a drink of water.
by Joshua May 01, 2003

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