35 definitions by Joshua

Being very exicited about something
Being very happy about something
And the Cars are Like WHOO WOOOOOOO
by Joshua February 01, 2004
what rebecca smells like
damn you smell as bad as a wet far
by Joshua August 11, 2003
A term used to describe the simultaneous insertion of middle and ring fingers in the vagina and the thumb into the anus.

Comes from the rhyme:
Two in the Pink,
One in the Stink.
I don't know exactly how we got to talking about the violator, but at least you learned something new.
by joshua January 29, 2004
a male's genitalia, similar to peen
"that girl is trying to get up on my poon sausage."
by joshua February 27, 2005
Expression meaning, in basic terms, "Woe is me!"; crap; poop
*after stepping into dog poop with my new Manolo Blahniks* "Oh, shart on a tart! I stepped into dog poop with my new Manolo Blahniks!"
by Joshua September 28, 2004
getten marred
what a wife dose to you
by joshua October 28, 2003
To Give or Recieve Oral Sex(head;blow job)
come here ma gimme' some popi
by Joshua April 18, 2005

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