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35 definitions by Joshua

the best at it's best.
Mike Jordan was the nautyculate back in his day on the Chicago Bulls.
by Joshua May 14, 2003
a person thats cool, and you like alot
your really fello, im a fello guy
by joshua March 21, 2005
When a redneck or other socially degenerate individual enters or moves into an area of high culture, thereby creating a fish out of water situation
"It looks like Lula Mae and Bubba decided to attend the wine tasting with their own To-Go cups. Country come to town is always so tragic, don't you think?"
by Joshua December 27, 2003
a word invented by joshua, scott, and andy huston. there are many forms of this word. you can hide subliminal messages.
ex1: chewbickawickadoowit

ex2: chewbickacheckameeout
by joshua December 21, 2003
a pronoun given to a man or boy, showing some but not much respect.
"Hey mistore, what's up?"
by Joshua February 26, 2005
1)the inability to support crazee ideas

2)the inability to catch and/or
spell due to a lack of common sense
1)"it appears that you have a put a zetter on my idea"

2)"What a Zetter!"
by joshua July 04, 2004
Slang for Genital Warts.
That skank prostitute down the street gave me a bad case of the Stump Lumpies
by Joshua January 18, 2004