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the best at it's best.
Mike Jordan was the nautyculate back in his day on the Chicago Bulls.
by Joshua May 14, 2003
The shizzle of the nizzle at universitizzle of vermizzle.
we need parvez before we go drizzle the vizzle.
by Joshua March 09, 2003
When a redneck or other socially degenerate individual enters or moves into an area of high culture, thereby creating a fish out of water situation
"It looks like Lula Mae and Bubba decided to attend the wine tasting with their own To-Go cups. Country come to town is always so tragic, don't you think?"
by Joshua December 27, 2003
a word invented by joshua, scott, and andy huston. there are many forms of this word. you can hide subliminal messages.
ex1: chewbickawickadoowit

ex2: chewbickacheckameeout
by joshua December 21, 2003
a pronoun given to a man or boy, showing some but not much respect.
"Hey mistore, what's up?"
by Joshua February 26, 2005
1)the inability to support crazee ideas

2)the inability to catch and/or
spell due to a lack of common sense
1)"it appears that you have a put a zetter on my idea"

2)"What a Zetter!"
by joshua July 04, 2004
A verb meaning "press the button". Originates from a grocery store rambling gone astray.
James: "Hey Jim, bookik!"
by Joshua January 04, 2005
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