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Slang term for Canadian hardware store chain Canadian Tire. One reason "Crappy" is the adjective used because it is not uncommon to purchase something from CT that has already been opened with parts missing.
Mike: Can I get a ride to Crappy Tire? I'm getting my car serviced.
Steve: You took your car to Crappy Tire!?
by Jizzones February 22, 2006
A prediction of someone's asstrologically influenced future with respect to getting some action from a dirty sloot.
Cdog and D-Tox checked their respective whoroscopes before hitting the town that night... another late night poutine at ESD was written in the stars.
by Jizzones April 28, 2004
To repeatedly hit the forehead of the woman who is sucking on your balls as you masturbate, akin to hitting a speedbag with one hand.
I was speedbaggin' Becky and jizzed in her hair.
by Jizzones October 15, 2006
Sexual intercourse where only the tip of the penis penetrates the vagina; or, an insult to someone who is as useless as said intercourse.
Cdog forgot to pick me up again, he's such a knobfuck.
by Jizzones April 26, 2004
A meeting of a male and female(s) during which banging occurs.
D-Tox: Cdog's going to New York to hook up with those chicks he met in Europe.
Pistol: For a C-Dog slamshow!?
by Jizzones October 15, 2006
The bottom part of the bun in an all-male 3-way cheeseburger.
The crust of a pizza... as opposed to the sauce or toppings.
The one taking it from lucky pierre.
Brucifer felt like a stuft crussed when he got back-stabbed by the man, again.
by Jizzones August 03, 2004
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