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Sloot is the basic word. The more O's in "sloot", the sluttier the girl is. 2 O's is the minimum, you can add as many O's as necessary to add emphasis to just how slutty the girl is.
That bitch? Her and her friends are some slooooooooots, let me tell you.

There were some slooooooty girls at the party!
by DieselAJ November 22, 2004
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A word that I thought I made up but apparently did not.
That sloot better not show her face around here again.
by Smoove B April 01, 2005
A variant of "slut," meaning a promiscuous female, possibly practicing unnatural sex, or gay male. "Sloot" refers to the female variety, however. (The practice of unnatural sex, without a display of promiscuity, is not sufficient to merit a description as either a "slut" or a "sloot." See, e.g., "freak.")

Origins: The word "slut" is typically used to condemn the object of the description for her promiscuity and possibly unnatural sex. A straight male who describes a female as a "slut" is typically either disgusted by or otherwise angry at the object of the description. The word "sloot" is more sympathetic and merely identifies promiscuity in a female in a nongraphic, albeit dimunitive, fashion that often conveys interest in or amusement by the object of the description. It can also be used playfully as an exaggeration of a well-liked female in or out of her presence
Female: "She is such a slut. I don't want my boyfriend talking to her.
Female: "I hear she is such a slut in bed."
(notice inherent bitchiness)
Male: "Well, John, at least my sister isn't a fucking slut like yours!"
(notice distinct anger)


Male: "The party last night? Holy shit, there were some slOOts there."
Female: "You'se a sloooot, Angie." Angie throws a pillow at speaker, others laugh.
by Dr. Octagon December 18, 2007
Slut or ho
That bitch is a sloot
by Will February 18, 2004
Any female, especially affiliated with a sorority, that exhibits the behavior patterns of a "slut." With the added traits of lack of inhibitions and outgoing presentation of their "slutness." The sloot will know that she's a slut... but won't care. Also may be the focus of a "Sloot Hunt."
Hey Tom! Let's go hunt some sloots outside of Wawa.
by JofKB May 08, 2003
Sluts you are fond of.
Those sloots from last night are mad cool.
by The Authority February 14, 2003
A sloot is an attractive girl dressed in a revealing manner. It is not to be confused with slut, which carries a negative connotation. Therefore girls should be pleased to be labeled as a sloot, as it indicates that you are attractive.

A popular phrase related to sloots is used when a sloot has been seen. It is a remix of the catchy Fabolous song "You Be Killin' Em," and it goes, "girl you be slooting it." When heard, males tend to stop what they are doing and begin to search for the female in question.

The full break-down of sloot is as follows: Sloot is the noun Slooting is the verb. Slootology is the science behind slooting.
Check out that sloot over there, she has a nice bum.
You tryin to go slooting after class?
My real major is slootology.
by Dr. Sloot, Ph.D April 27, 2011

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